Pre-Move: My Going Away Party

Big group photo, some people had already left before this, but the effort totally was there!

Recently, I’ve committed to moving houses. 3 hours away from where I’ve lived the past 17 years of my life, I have moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I will finish my high school career and most likely attend college.

Being the social butterfly that I am, I decided to invest my last night in having an exciting food and fun filled night with some friends.

We met at Alum Creek Beach in Delaware, OH, and jammed out to mainstream pop songs while stumbling around on the beach volleyball courts. It was a muggy night, but as the sun started to set in the sky, us teenagers had an automatic energy boost: who doesn’t when it gets darker out?

Besides messing around on the courts, as more people came and left, we made our way to the water because we started to sweat. Camera in hand, I shadowed my various friends as they scampered around the area.

Pizza, doughnuts, watermelon, homemade cookies and water bottles littered the beach shelter. I’m pretty sure my friends and I were having the most fun in the murky water.



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