Daily Motivation: Ocean Waves & Life

It’s summer. Most of your friends are off in some faraway land; whether that’s the beach or just in another friends backyard. They’re eating good food and laughing, setting off fireworks and blaring music. You decide it’ll be nice to go hang out with a few of them and have a party of your own. Maybe you think that it’ll distract you from all your worries, fears, and anxiety, or maybe you are just craving the fun and freedom summer has to offer as it’s coming to its close.

Whatever you’ve chosen to do with your summer (or what you’ve had to do), take a look at it this way.

Your life is a series of ups and downs. It’s a constant flow of high waves with definite low lows. There’s the middle, where you know you’re working towards the top and something great is coming, but there’s also that lag and annoyance when you start making your way down to a low point again as things get rough.

Here’s the good part: the ocean does not consist of just one wave. No matter if it is low or high tide, the waves do not stop rolling onto the golden sand. They keep coming, without warning. They do not stop. Sometimes, as storms start to brew, the sea gives off a sign of wind and rain, tossing its waters into a crazy hurricane.

Life is like these waves. Sometimes, life has its monotonous busy work, like the ocean often produces the same size of calmed waves. Other times, life throws us up into its sky and slams us into the water as it’s waves start to get bigger and stronger. We get worried we are going to drown, but eventually the storm starts to settle down and the high waves start to get back to normal. Low tide settles in, and we have a chance to catch our breath before the next hurricane.


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