Daily Motivation: Decisions, Decisions

Let’s talk about the unknown. Let’s talk about having to decide between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather” and the two choices are stay home or move to a random place where you know not a single soul within a 200 mile radius. Most people would prefer to stay home, just because it’s easier in terms of money, their houses, their families, their job…stuff like that. All the things they’ve worked to build up in their lives is centered around this place: why leave it if they could choose?

We are forced to make decisions. Other times, we have the choice. We have the opportunity to decide between A and B.

Our hearts are telling us B, all logic and love says no, stay with the familiar, stay with choice A. “Don’t go into the unknown. Its scary. It’s a lot of work. You’ll be alone.” We doubt our strengths, we doubt our support, we doubt our souls because of the way society has shaped our way of thinking. We are taught to follow the rules, to make routines and stick to them, to create and have order in our daily lives. Without it, we’d be a mess. Maybe we’re afraid of being a mess. Or maybe, we just haven’t given ourselves the chance to turn a mess into a masterpiece.

Your heart is leaning towards B. All logic, comfort, and “the known” lies in point A. You decide to go take the risk. You decided you’re going to have to learn to be content with being alone for a little bit. Of course you’re scared. It’s new, it’s the unknown, it’s leaving all you know before to make the unknown your known before everyone else.

“What if…” that my friend means r-I-s-k. And life is about taking risks. You have to. If you’re leaning towards point B, I highly recommend taking that risk. You’ll grow the most from it. Basically, you’re forcing yourself to figure out the unknown without the comfort of your friends and family and current support system around. You’re putting yourself in a new place. You’re taking that risk to make a better tomorrow for yourself. That does not mean by any means that you can’t enjoy that process. Changing or venturing off somewhere new earlier than expected or randomly or when you don’t feel prepared means so much. You’ll become even more independent, get to know your strengths & weaknesses more and you will grow.

No, picking choice B and going with a completely different route than you had planned everything in your life around on taking does not mean you’re irrational. This means you had the choice follow your heart & pursue that unknown to make your goals a check on that life checklist, instead of waiting until it was comfortable to do so.

This is called being a way maker over a waiter or watcher. You’re making you’re own way in your own life.

Good job.

Be empowered, empower yourself, empower others.


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